Outlook of Problem-Based Learning or PBL in Medical Education

PBL or problem-based learning is a term used in medical education and its consequences have now been investigated. A research was conducted where a meta-analysis review was presented of the English-language international literature from. This was from the time period of 1972 to 1992 when PBL was more developing and encouraging.  PBL, when compared to conventional instruction was found to be very interesting and fostering too. The individuals who graduate from PLB are being said to perform better during aptitude assessments and medical examinations. This leads them to enter the family medicine which is a practical option. 

In addition to this, the teaching faculty also enjoys the teaching method of PBL. In a few instances, it has been noticed that the students of problem-based learning in medical education have scored less on the basic examinations of science. However, this was after they thought of themselves to be less well-prepared than the conventionally trained peers. They have a tendency to reason things backward and not take the usual forward reasoning techniques that the experts engage in. This resulted in many gaps in their perceptive knowledge which affects the circumstances. It can also be also added that problem-based learning’s cost is slowing down the implementation in medical schools.  Any class which has a size that is larger than 100 will have a reduced impact of problem-based learning. The curriculum has to be made informative and comprehensive for problem-based learning exercises. This will ascertain the fact that learning is more extensive and the PBL method is economic. Problem-based learning is an extremely student-friendly method that is used in both dental and medical education. It also employs technological aspect for better education such as different learning management processes, digital learning software. Many medical authoritative bodies have incorporated PBL in the medical curriculum.

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