Consumption of alcohol is less harmful to people above 50 years

When it is about health, one cannot even think of alcohol is good for it. Yes, it definitely is and the fact is that a study was conducted to see the results. Recently, a study was conducted to observe the impact of alcohol consumption in the health of people of different age groups. It has been reported that people who are over 50 years show less severe health risks when they consume alcohol. However, it is not recommended that one indulges in heavy drinking as that might lead to serious health consequences. Many kinds of cancers and heart diseases are the ill-effects of regular alcohol complications.

The health conditions further lead to damage in the nervous system which includes the brain and liver damages also. There are many studies which report that moderate drinking can be good for one’s health in all ages. Furthermore, drinking at low and moderate levels even has protective effects and benefits to health. One particular study also claimed that low and moderate level of drinking also protects against cardiovascular diseases. Nevertheless, there are debates over this topic that is going on since all the researchers do not agree on the same thing. 

There is a fresh take on the entire issue where certain researchers have measured the impact of alcohol on health and said that there are chances the results are flawed. They also noted that the recruited participants for the studies were over 50 years of age. This is because there have been cases where people below the age of 50 have died to alcohol consumption. According to their studies the drinkers who are aged 50 years and above are established enough to be tagged as survivors. The reason behind this is that their drinking pattern might have been healthier while they were younger. 

As per many researchers and their studies, it has been noticed that approximately 40 percent of deaths have occurred before the age of 50, due to alcohol consumption. This also implies that all the researches that have taken place did not take these deaths into account and the potential dangers are being ignored. To check the credibility, the researchers have taken data from the Alcohol-Related Disease Impact Application (ARDIA). The report is further maintained by the CDC, Center for Disease Control and Prevention which includes years of latent life lost and deaths. This additionally has lent to reinvestigation of the entire data.

An analysis has also shown that the difference in age also plays a pivotal part in this data. A person’s level of alcohol consumption is heavily influenced by their age and lifestyle. Besides, reports have also shown that almost 35.8 percent of deaths due to alcohol consumption happened to people between the age group of 20–49. Meanwhile, when the analysis was done at deaths that did not occur due to the consumption of alcohol, it was found that only 4.5 percent remained in this age group. The same study when done on people who were over 65 was different and around 80 percent of deaths were prevented.

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