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Medical studies are the key to your future

Medical Studies covers a very wide range of different subjects requiring different entry qualifications. The potential student will need to be literate, numerate, familiar with computers, able to carry out instructions and able to communicate on all levels.

Nursing is a fabulous career for anybody wanting to follow a vocation and enjoys caring for other people. The prospective student will need to be numerate, literate, articulate, and able to deal with people on all levels both physicians and patients.

Where will your medical education take you?

Job prospects are very good with a medical education and it is a rapidly growing area for a number of reasons: the aging population, higher health expectations, and the need for more people with the expertise to deal with increasing bureaucracy and technology.

Medical Assistant is the fastest growing career within the healthcare sector. As well as the number of jobs increasing in hospitals, nursing homes, medical supply companies and medical offices.

Where will your nursing education take you?

The outlook for employment with an education in nursing is good, as the population is aging and needing more long term nursing care and more hospital jobs will be created.

Salaries vary enormously depending on skills, experience, and level of qualifications and the place of work. First job wages range from $20,000 to $30,000 average wages for a registered nurse would be around $65,000 depending on skills and experience. Wages in general are higher in the private sector.

Like many professions within the medical field, you may be required to meet certain state education requirements to renew your license. You can learn more about continuing education for nurses at Medscape.

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